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Cesear's Forum
2796 Tinkers Lane
Twinsburg, Ohio 44087



“…the stage is indispensable to our humanity. Where else do human beings non-virtually congregate to see other human beings enact the patterns of our common fate? …The mission now is to go deeper, to stop thinking so much about the business of the theater and to confront the reason for its existence.”

--Charles McNulty
Self-criticism: A theater critic's search for nuance in the age of Yelp
Los Angeles Times, October 16, 2015.

John Kolibab, Jeanne Task, Valerie Young, in Peter Weiss' THE INVESTIGATION

Often termed documentary drama and considered a seminal work of verbatim testimonies from the Frankfurt Trials of 1963-1965; Weiss shapes the material into divisions of straightforward text, depicting fragmented memories, where survivors of Auschwitz faced those in charge of the camp.

The company presented the play in October and November 2015 as part of the city’s Violins of Hope season. Partnership included the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage, the Jewish Federation of Cleveland, Scene Magazine; with sponsorship from The Green Family Foundation, Mary Jane Nottage and community-driven earned and unearned income. The production also marked the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and the war crimes trial of Oskar Groening "the accountant of Auschwitz." The continued relevance of Weiss’ play; the geopolitics of Syria and ISIS, was furthered on the closing weekend of the production by the November 2015 Paris attacks.

TAKE 5 by Lanford Wilson.
A fall 2016 production is planned.
An official announcement about the work will follow.

Cesear's Forum is dedicated to presenting unconventional, new or lesser known plays that explore theory and technique to reveal aspects of the social, political, economic and ideological properties of daily life. The company produces intermittently, on a project by project basis (unusual in Cleveland), currently, one play per year, rather than a traditional seasonal approach. Performing at Kennedy's Down Under (below the Ohio Theatre) at Playhouse Square, this small non-profit professional theatre has established a distinctive body of work within a minimalist imprimatur.

Often termed “niche” theatre, coined to describe a specialized market or its intimate environment, Cesear’s Forum’s size within the context of professional Cleveland theatre may play a role in public perception. Yet, the company continues to evolve a distinctive body of work that is creative, diverse and has integrity. The benefits include critical thinking, empathy, historical relevance and an immediacy that live theatre can impact. Creative risk keeps the company relevant for participants and artistic accomplishment is a reward that fosters longevity.

“Single-minded commitment of genuine ensemble companies has become a rarity - Those few who continue to experiment do so increasingly intermittently.”

-- John Ashford, Marvin Carlson
The Continuum Companion to Twentieth-Century Theatre
Ed. Colin Chambers (London, 2002)